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General, sports and diabetes podiatry specialists.

Whether you live, work or play in Central Auckland, Speight's Podiatry is happy to help you find relief from foot pain and discomfort.

Our podiatry services include; general podiatry, sports podiatry and diabetes podiatry. You can access these here as we tailor your treatment plan to fit your schedule and budget. Don't worry about taking time off work as we can work around your schedule.

Speight's Podiatry offers you fast, effective treatment for a wide range of foot problems including:

Whether you suffer from pain, discomfort, or simply the indignity of having 'ugly feet', we can help. Come and see us about your foot problem today – weird foot problems are a speciality.

Our specialist podiatry services include:

  • Gait analysis
    A treadmill analysis allows us to assess foot posture when you walk, or run. This helps us establish the cause of your injuries/pain.

  • Orthoses (orthotics)
    Ask us about high quality custom or off-the-shelf orthotic shoe inserts that adjust your foot posture and help reduce foot pain.

  • Innovative non-surgical treatments 
    Speight's Podiatry are adept at providing non-surgical treatments for some common foot problems. Thus; injections may be avoidable.

  • Sports and Therapeutic Massage 
    We offer sports and therapeutic massage treatments in addition to your normal podiatry treatments. Please enquire.

  • Foot care products 
    We supply Gehwol foot care products, together with expert advice on how to keep your feet in good shape, so you can avoid future foot problems.

  • Diabetic foot care 
    Protect your feet from harm caused by diabetes. See Speight's Podiatry today – we are one of New Zealand's foremost experts in Diabetic Foot Care. As a recognised expert in diabetic foot care, Simon has also been invited to provide podiatry services at Gisborne Hospital, and as far afield as the Chatham Islands. Simon is also Lead Specialist Diabetes Podiatrist at Tairawhiti District Health, Gisborne Knowledge used and gained in looking after these feet is also being used at Speight's Podiatry to provide you, with the best care.

  • Post Graduate lecturing
    Simon contracts to District Health Boards and Primary Healthcare organisations where he lectures and offers clinical support to post graduate and medical staff.

Book your podiatrist appointment today

Appointments are generally 30 minutes. This can work wonders on your feet. You may be surprised after just one appointment to leave with your feet looking and feeling better than before.

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