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What Our Podiatry Clients Say

Our patients tell their own foot problem and treatment stories:
Chronic foot pain resolved!

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TRACY – Marathon Runner: "... my running is more comfortable ... been fantastic..."

Tracy"I had a build-up of hard skin on my toes for years and I always thought that Podiatrists were something that old people go to so it never occurred to me that I should see a podiatrist. Then my sports coach suggested that I see someone so I came along here from a recommendation from someone at work and it has been fantastic.

I feel my shoes are more comfortable, my running is more comfortable and I realise that podiatry is something that I just come along and get done every six months and that solves the problem. Thanks."

DANIELLA – Recreational runner: "...the blisters completely stopped..."

"Before I came to Speight’s Podiatry I was experiencing painful blister build up on both of my feet due to recreational running. I had been to other Podiatrists, changed my shoes and was at a loss for what I could do to stop the blisters. I thought I would have to stop running. After one visit to Speight’s Podiatry the blisters completely stopped. I am able to run further and faster without any discomfort. I highly recommend Speight’s Podiatry which saved my running when no one else could. "

PETE – Wear and tear arthritis, using orthotics to treat: "...His knee is much better!..."

"Simon made some orthotics because I have collapsed ankles from my rugby days. There is bad arthritis. I would be f*****d without them. My mate was going under the knife because he had a sore knee. I said get some orthotics, he did and avoided the Surgeon. His knee is much better!"

JACKIE – Corns: "...Simon looks after me on a regular basis ... become good friends..."

"I have always had a problem with growing corns between the little toe and the next one on both feet. Simon looks after me on a regular basis. We have wonderful chat while he is doing so and makes my feet and therefore the rest of me very comfortable as a result. I like coming to see Simon. We have become good friends and I am happy to recommend him for anybody."

PATRICK – Difficulty reaching the feet: "...just along the road from where I work..."

"I was going to my local foot clinic which had a podiatrist there once a week which wasn't very convenient. Simon is just along the road from where I work and with little notice I can come in without making an appointment. I like the podiatry here and Simon has given me education on how to look after my feet as I normally neglect my feet. Thank you Simon."

MAREE – Corporate footwear causing corns: " to find a good appointment time..."

"My name is Maree Webster. I have been coming to Speight's Podiatry for about five years. I especially like the fact that Shashi works really hard to find a good appointment time that fits in with my availability and Simon always sends me away with my feet treated and feeling great."

JOCELYN – General care: "...without Simon I wouldn't be able to walk or dance!..."

"I have been coming to Simon now for 10 years, I suffer from bad feet which is my father's fault - terrible corns - and without Simon I wouldn't be able to walk or dance! However coming to Simon I am able to continue with my activities. I would certainly recommend Simon to anyone suffering from any foot problem."

ROBYN – Active walker: "...Simon has been treating me for over 15 years ... a blessing..."

"Simon has been treating me for over 15 years now. It is always a blessing after seeing him I can walk properly again. From the sort of work & exercise I do, I suffer very badly with corns and callus on my feet. Simon is always very professional and a pleasure to come to see him. Thank you."

NICOLE – Foot problems present from birth requiring orthotics: "...I was in lot of pain..."

"The orthotics are of great value for me as it helps me to go out and enjoy my normal life and not to worry about my feet. I was in lot of pain. I wouldn't be able to walk even minor distances, but with the help of orthotics I don't have to worry about that anymore. I will be happy to refer Speight's Podiatry to anyone with foot pain."

RACHEL – Orthotics: "...I can now walk normally with these insoles..."

" I came into Speight's and I had really sore feet. They had been in excruciating pain for months. Simon then gave me some insoles and I came back to him one month after I got them and told him that the pain had nearly gone. I can now walk normally with these insoles but before I had them I could not do that. Thank you Simon!"

CHRISTINA – Ingrown nails: "...the best Podiatry visit I ever had..."

"I was visiting from Australia and I hadn't been to my Podiatrist recently, so I came here with very bad ingrowing toe nails and they were fixed in a very short phase of time. The treatment provided a lot of relief and it's probably the best Podiatry visit I ever had which made me come here again for my next appointment."

HELEN – General care: "...when I leave I feel as I am walking on air..."

Helen"I have seen Simon for many years. I am very happy with the service and when I leave I feel as I am walking on air and not only that - we have wonderful conversations."



ELEONORA – Ingrown nails: "...he loves what he does, he is very good at doing it..."

"I have had ingrown nails for a few years now and I never liked going to the podiatrist. I never liked the fact that the average visit lasted around 20 minutes making me feel like they didn't have time for my problem. Simon Speights spends time with his patients, he loves what he does, he is very good at doing it and he is entertaining too."

KIRSTEN – Verucca Surgery, her saga successfully ended at Speight's: "...Thanks Simon!!..."

"I had a verucca for about 5 years and had tried every treatment that you can read about on the internet, (silver nitrate, banana skin, tea tree oil, vinegar etc). At first I didn't get any treatment on it for around 2-3 years to see if it would just go away but it began to increase in size and spread to another part of my foot resulting in another verruca starting to form and I could notice a bit of pain in my foot if I had been on my feet for a long time.

The first treatment i got was freezing it with liquid nitrogen a lot of times which in the end was making no difference, then I went on to trying something stronger - monochloroacetic acid which was very painful on the third treatment and I couldn't put weight on my foot it was that sore. I then opted to try another treatment - salacylic acid which didn't cause me any pain. From having the mono and salacylic acid treatments, I think my verucca became less deeper but I definately would have had to have a lot more treatments to actually get rid of it, being from the UK there wasn't many more options.

Researching on the internet when I moved to Auckland, I found Speight's Podiatry so went for an appointment to see what they could do as I didn't want to waste all the money I'd spent already getting previous treatments. As the only option was burning the verucca out, I wasn't too sure, it sounded a bit nasty but decided to give it a go. I had 4 injections to numb my foot, 2 in each verucca which was rather painful to say the least, then the 'operation' began. I couldn't feel anything, there was just a bit of a bad smell of it being burned and it was done in half an hour. All bandaged up I had to come back a few days later to get it redressed - don't worry about blood coming through your dressing that's normal as you basically have a wound in your foot.

Luckily enough I didn't have any bad pain from it, apart from the odd few days where it was a bit uncomfortable but nothing excrutiating, just take strong painkillers to block out any pain. However try to keep off your feet as much as you can for a week to 10 days after as this is when it will be most sore. 7-8 weeks on, my wound is fully healed - with NO VERUCCA!! All I have got is a bit of a pinky coloured scar but not really noticable.

I would definately recommend this treatment as it gets rid of the verucca within 2-3 months rather than opting for any acid treatments which may not get actually get rid of it even if you think it has. Now I don't have to hide my feet or constantly wear socks, so happy it's finally gone. Thanks Simon!!"

LYNN - corns: "...cleared the damaged areas with much success... totally recommend..."

" Having got very delicate skin on my feet and them being easily damaged I decided to go to Simon for a professional opinion and a treatment suggestion. My work involved a large amount of standing and walking, causing pressure on the delicate spots so Simon cleared the damaged areas with much success and has given me comfort for walking.

I have been coming for nearly 10 years, every 2 months and find Simon most helpful, friendly and always suggesting further care. I would totally recommend Simon."

JOHN – Difficulty reaching the feet: "...a very pleasant ½ an hour every so often..."

john"I started coming to see Simon Speight, almost been couple of years ago now. I had some surgery which limited my mobility a wee bit and found that it is necessary to periodically visit Simon to have some attention to my feet. It was purely a stretching problem really and I wasn't able to touch my feet, but coming to see Simon and get treatment, it has been a very pleasant ½ an hour every so often and the result has always been comfortable and satisfactory.

As far as recommendation is concerned I have no great deal of experience with podiatry but the attention and treatment I receive from Simon has been fine and I am more than happy. I would be delighted to make a recommendation for anyone who feels that they need some podiatric attention to come and see Simon Speight."

NICOLA – Corns: "...friendly and does a wonderful job..."

"I have been seeing Simon for a couple of years now for problems with corns in the bottom of my feet and every time I see him he has been friendly and does a wonderful job. As a result of his treatment my feet feel new and wonderful. I would highly recommend Simon as he puts me at ease very quickly, my visit enjoyable and I leave feeling great."

EILEEN – Problem toenails: "...really felt much better after Simon treated my feet..."

"I like coming to see Simon. My feet aren't the best - pretty sore, but I really felt much better after Simon treated my feet. They look really really good. I have been coming now for six years and there is no pain. Good Luck Simon. Thanks."

BOB – Recurring ingrown nail: "...easy to talk to and shares his knowledge..."

"My initial problem was curled toenail that was digging into my toe. It was painful and making walking uncomfortable. Simon treated the problem nail over a period and it eventually came right and doesn't give me as much problem now.

Simon also alerted me to numerous corns that I had on my toes. I now have routine treatment for corns. The result has been toes which don't feel tender. I am able to walk as much as I want every day and don't suffer painful toes. I would recommend Simon to anyone who needs podiatry treatment. He is easy to talk to and shares his knowledge."

KIM – Dog walking problems: " feet feel and look good to go again..."

"What a difference, visiting a doctor and walking out feeling better. I've always had trouble with my feet and now after a treatment my feet feel and look good to go again!!"

LINDY – Musculoskeletal problem: "...Completely fixed my feet after one visit..."

"Completely fixed my feet after one visit when other Podiatrist's weren't able to help. I will definitely be back."

MICHELLE – Corporate feet: "...I always feel very relaxed..."

"I have been a patient of Simon Speight's since 2009. Simon is very organised, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. I always feel very relaxed at my appointment. I highly recommend Simon as a Podiatrist."

MARY – Nasty verucca: "...a friendly and personable manner..."

" I have been seeing Simon for a number of years – and I have recommended him to friends. Simon has a friendly and personable manner, which makes what could be an uncomfortable procedure a positive experience. Treatment of my verucca was professional and effective and I was well informed. I continue to use Simon for regular treatments."

ROWENA – High fashion feet: "...After NZ Fashion Week, Simon's is the only number..."

"After New Zealand Fashion Week – Simon's is the only number you want on your cellphone!"

CHRISTINE – Foot deformity: "... thrilled with the service ... my feet love him!"

"I've been a client of Simon's for nearly a decade and am thrilled with the service. In my job, I have to be on my feet all day and with Simon's help every six weeks, I can do that. Simon is thoroughly professional yet absolutely "user-friendly" as well; my feet love him!"

ANDREW – Ingrown nail and nail fungus: "...30 minutes later and I am feeling 100% better..."

"My first podiatry visit. Went to see Simon with a painful ingrown toenail and nail fungus. I had been treating it myself without much improvement for months. As promised on the website, 30 minutes later and I am feeling 100% better and the pain is relieved. Kicking myself for not seeing him sooner. Highly recommended."

JOHN – Ingrown nails: "...I get great relief after each treatment..."

"I found Simon's treatment of my ingrowing nails very good. Actually I get great relief after each treatment."

SVEN – Infected ingrown nails: "...After Simon fixed them it felt like I was walking on air..."

"Before I saw Simon I had ingrown toe nails in both big toes and they hurt when I walked. It was quite painful. I walked quite a bit and I felt it a lot. After Simon fixed them it felt like I was walking on air. Simon also gave me advice on looking after my feet properly which has been great!"

MILES – Ingrown nails: "...downtown location & early morning appointments convenient..."

"I have ingrown toe nails and see Simon regularly for treatment. I find him to be a skillful podiatrist removing the offending nails thus reducing the pain I experience. His easy-going nature puts one at ease. His downtown location and early morning appointments are very convenient. I recommend Simon to others with ingrown toe nail issues."

THERESA - Verucca: "...I trust my feet with Simon..."

"I trust my feet with Simon – he's very professional and has a wealth of experience. A regular visit to Simon keeps my feet in great shape – I recommend him." - Theresa Walsh, Westmere

SUE – Nasty heel cracks causing great discomfort: "...assurance that he could help me..."

"After battling with extremely painful split heels for 2 years, in which time I had visited a podiatrist who gave me no confidence that they could help me, I was encouraged to visit Simon, which I'm glad I did. Right from the first he showed understanding and concern towards how I was coping with my feet as well as assurance that he could help me, which Simon has done. As my problem is on going it is always a pleasure to visit Simon not just for treatment but also an enjoyable chat."

VICKY - Verucca: "...For 14 years I was on fear ... has left my mind..."

"My feet were telling me I have to get that verucca out. I knew exactly what it was! 14 years ago they froze it. He held my foot and the memory of him freezing it out was awful. My foot really wanted to hit that man in the head.

For 14 years I was on fear. I wouldn't go back that was so painful so I thought living with this was less painful. The pain of having the needle in the verucca has left my mind because, it's gone! I'm forever in love with Simon."

TINA DUPLOOY – Orthotic treatment: "...Feet are so important, see Simon..."

"I had been walking around for a long time with the soles of my feet hurting & like most of us just ignored it. I was recommended to see Simon at Speight's and since then with professional & individual advice and personal care, all my foot problems have disappeared. Feet are so important, make an appointment with Simon ... it's a pleasant experience & so beneficial."

IRMA - Verucca: "... After a few weeks, I just walked normal and no pain!..."

"Having a verruca wart is one of the most painful things that could happen to one's foot! I got one and it was so painful! Good thing that I learnt about Speight's Podiatry. Simon explained to me everything that I needed to know about the wart and how to get rid of it. He removed this nasty wart and stated the recovery period. He has been very helpful in dressing the wound. He even let me borrow a shoe for the affected foot as it was really hard to walk that time!

I really appreciate Simon's full explanation on how and where I probably got the wart, but of course the highlight of it was when it was eventually removed. After a few weeks, I just walked normal and no pain! Since then, any foot problem that arises, I just go to Simon as I know he will take care of my feet!"

DARRYN – Orthotics: "...feel that my feet and ankles are better supported..."

"I have been wearing my orthotics for the last few years. I have definitely felt more comfortable wearing them and feel that my feet and ankles are better supported. I always transfer the orthotics to whatever shoes I'll be wearing. I'm very happy with them."

RANA SINGH – Ingrown nails: "...very professional and caring..."

"My name is Rana. I have been a patient of Simon for a life time. Not so long ago I asked Simon if he would help me by relieving an ingrowing toe nail on my right foot. The pain was too much. He certainly did consult my GP (Dr. Peter Bowden) for medication prior to the operation. He was very professional and caring during the operation and also the aftercare post operation check up. He is a great person."

ROCHELLE - Orthotics: "...willingness to assist me during this period - been invaluable..."

"I visited Simon with acute pain in the fourth metatarsal of my right foot. From the first meeting Simon impressed me with his attentiveness, and that during the first appointment he advised the procedure and necessary appointments in order to establish the cause of the pain.

Whilst the cause wasn't apparent on an MRI, Simon has continued to work with me to try and establish the cause of the pain and find a solution. His willingness to assist me during this period has been invaluable."

JAMES - Orthotics: "...understands all about feet and nails and give positive relief..."

"Simon is not just a Chiropodist. He is a real foot doctor who not only can remove painful corns but understands all about feet and nails and give positive relief."

BRAD - Painful Ingrown Toenail: "...Thanks Simon for giving me my life back!..."

"Before visiting Simon I was in a lot of pain and was finding it difficult to do my job. As a ski and snowboard instructor my feet were always in restrictive ski and snowboard boots and my ingrown toenail was giving me a massive problem. It got to a point where my life was revolving around the pain in my toe.

I was pretty nervous when I first arrived but Simon put me at ease straight away. He certainly knows his stuff and is a complete professional. After only a few seconds I knew my feet were in safe hands.

I must have only of been in there for 15 minutes and once the treatment was complete I felt instant relief. The relief I felt definitely made me think that I should have visited Simon sooner. Thanks Simon for giving me my life back!"

PUALINE - Ingrown Toenail: "...I should have had this treatment done ages ago!..."

"No one likes having an ingrown toenail. I didn't. My big toe on my left foot was tender and often swollen. Shoes were becoming a problem as this one toe rubbed all the time. So I was delighted when Simon said that a 'procedure' would solve the problem. Simon explained clearly what he was going to do and then followed that up with a written explanation. I found that very helpful and it gave me time to think it all through. I was not put under any pressure at all.

The procedure was a small operation conducted under a local anesthetic (so I didn't feel anything) where Simon cut away the offending parts of the nail that were growing into my toe. I was very surprised at the extent of the nail that had become ingrown. Simon was scrupulous with everything and gave me the best possible attention and care. He dressed the toe with plenty of padding, however, I was able to wear my shoes afterwards and leave his clinic on foot (I am pleased I had thought to wear loose fitting flat shoes though). It is important to rest up for the first day or so and keep the foot elevated - which I did. He even phoned me that night to check up on me. Very thoughtful.

I visited Simon three days later for him to check the toe and redress it for me. I was able to manage it by myself after that. Simon gave me the items I would need - saline solution, dressings, antiseptic and instructions. It was easy to do but it is important to keep the affected area dry for a week to ten days.

After two weeks I was back to my daily walking programme and my toe feels better than it has done for years. I should have had this treatment done ages ago! It is well worth while having this treatment for an ingrown toe nail. Don't suffer! It's not necessary."

BLAIR - Verucca: "...Speight's Podiatry is a friendly, efficient, clean practise..."

"Recently I had a verucca removed at Speight's Podiatry. This was removed with no problem. Speight's Podiatry is a friendly, efficient, clean practise. I am more than happy to recommend Speight's Podiatry to anyone."

JANE - Ingrown Toenails: "...calm, reassuring but jovial ... happy to recommend him..."

"I first visited Simon in 2005, after battling with painful toenails for most of my life. Thankfully Simon was able to alleviate my pain with four procedures on my big toe nails and it is no exaggeration that those procedures changed my life. I have since had veruccas removed and general care treatments from Simon and my feet are in better shape than ever.

Simon operates with a calm, reassuring but jovial manner and so I was happy to recommend him to my teenage daughter who also has issues with her toenails. In fact, I have recommended his treatments to the whole family!

Simon and Shashi are always welcoming and offer an outstanding service. I have no hesitation in recommending Speights Podiatry."

KATHRYN - Orthotics: "...with the new ones I am able to swap them into more of my shoes..."

"I had been wearing my orthotics for the past few years possibly over 10yrs and Simon convinced me to get new ones. I certainly know the difference with wearing the new orthotics. My feet feel more supported and with the new ones I am able to swap them into more of my shoes and have better support for my feet."


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