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What Our Diabetic Podiatry Clients Say

Our diabetic patients tell of their treatment with us...

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Patrick – Diabetic Ulcers: "... very good care and expertise ..."

"I was referred to Simon Speight by Tairawhiti District Health who had previously been treating my feet as I was having problems due to my diabetes.

I had been under the Hospital system for some time with a previous ulcer that had resulted in my little toe being amputated.

I now have monthly appointments with Simon who has been treating a further ulcer on my foot that is showing noted signs of improvement, which I attribute to Simon's very good care and expertise. I therefore recommend him as an expert in his field."

John – Whangarei Diabetic Foot Ulcer & Amputation: "... Simon has been really helpful ..."

"I came to see Simon because he specialises in people like me who have diabetes. I was a little overwhelmed with my hospital care because things didn't go so well. I was actually sent home when they should have kept me in hospital. I wasn't wanting to blame people though.

I saw Simon because I wanted to know how best to look after my feet in the future because my foot care is really important to me. One amputation after all is enough, I don't want more!. Simon has been really helpful and I would recommend him to anyone with diabetes."

Joseph – Gisborne patient: "... a professional adept in his skills of practice ..."

"My referral to Simon Speight followed an ACC injury to the plantar sole of my left foot then a subsequent diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. A unicturate impoverished treatment at the hands of a medical centre in its death throes. Unfortunately by the time Simon treated me, arising from a tutorial visit to lecture practice nurses, the wound had advanced to a Crimean shame.

With Simon's appointment to the Gisborne Hospital diabetic foot clinic, steady improvement occurred in wound healing when compared to the previous deteriorata. My lifestyle choices mitigated against a speedy recovery including my smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption and a semi-justified denial of Type 2 diabetes.

In all my dealings with Simon, from the first treatment to the recent past, I have found a professional adept in his skills of practice and informative on steps to ameliorate my condition.

Additionally, in layman's terms due to a lack of medical knowledge, I thank him for my now sound sole sinister."

Clifton – Burns to the Feet: "... Simon's greatest asset goes beyond his profession ..."

"I am writing this letter as a character reference for Simon Speight. I have been a diabetic patient of Simon's for 6 months while I was under the care of him for my troubled feet. I am a diabetic and as such I cannot feel my feet. I did not know the trouble this can cause because one night in the winter when I had cold feet I put them too close in front of the bar heater, ending up burning my big toes very badly. I did not notice this until they became badly infected then it was almost too late.

I am not qualified to assess Simon's medical ability but can vouch for his work and care provided by him towards me. He treated my feet amicably, making the healing process as comfortable as possible. One toe is healed and the other is almost healed. I am very thankful for Simon's help both on a professional and personal level.

I believe that Simon's greatest asset goes beyond his profession. His communication and people skills I believe to be the key contributor to his success. This cannot be taught in universities or any other learning institute as this is a natural quality.

Simon does not understate anyone, I believe that he runs with the motto, "I will treat you the way I would want to be treated'. I have seen this in my regular visits to Simon, and this creates peace of mind for me and undoubtedly his other patients. Simon's professional and personal work ethic I strongly support.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Simon on this basis."

John – Charcot's Foot: "... no hesitation in recommending him ..."

"Due to a diabetic associated problem – Charcot's Foot – and the collapse of the bone structure in my foot, I was referred to Simon through my GP about 15 months ago.

Simon visits the Tairawhiti Health Board on a Podiatry consultative basis.

Simon has greatly impressed with care and methodology in stabilising the initial damage and allowing me to have a relatively pain-free existence. This was achieved through the wearing of moulded boot inserts inserted into Health Board supplied boots. All through this exercise his gentle manner and easily understood explanations of the processes in play were most appreciated.

I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with Diabetic affected feet."

Philip – 76 years: "... Simon's treatment was first class and I would recommend him ..."

"I have peripheral vascular disease and I am diabetic. I have lost several toes and some metatarsal bones.

I was referred to Simon at the Gisborne Hospital. I found him to be very helpful. He also had good knowledge and expertise dealing with problems associated with diabetes.

Simon also advised me on alterations needed to the insoles in my shoes to stop pressure points affecting my foot.

Simon's treatment was first class and I would recommend him to anyone."


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