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At Speight's Podiatry, you'll enjoy one of the friendliest, most experienced and up-to-date podiatry services in central Auckland.

For many clients, one of the biggest barriers to dealing with foot problems is the embarrassment they feel at revealing their 'skanky feet'. But with over 15 years podiatry experience, we can assure you, we've seen it all. So there's no need to feel ashamed as another client will have worse looking feet thank you!. Just come in and see us. We promise to make your visit an enjoyable one.

When you come to Speight's Podiatry, you'll also benefit from some of the most innovative foot care. As such, you can enjoy non-invasive, pain-free treatments for many common foot problems.

Book your appointment with Speight's Podiatry today. Your feet will feel the difference, and your whole body will thank you for it.


About Simon Speight - A life of Caring

From Farm to the City

Responsibility was granted from a young age to look after the farm animals, machinery, the land and to keep my temper in the presence of extremely dumb sheep. Interesting jobs related to Podiatry included clipping the goats hooves and foot rotting the sheep. This is where the idea of doing podiatry was sewn.

Simon Speight: Farm House, Tower Peak Station, Te Anau, Southland
Farm House, Tower Peak Station, Te Anau, Southland
Simon Speight: Tower Peak Station, Te Anau, Southland
Tower Peak Station, Te Anau, Southland
Simon Speight: Sorting out sheep
Sorting out sheep – Tower Peak Station, Te Anau. Takitimu Mountains in background

Simon Speight: feeding out, 1984
Pregnant mothers need extra care, here we are feeding out - 1984
Simon Speight: Southland
Simon Speight: Southland
Simon Speight: care of animals
All farm animals need care – even the smaller ones.

Sports Involvement

Past Cricket Umpire - Wellington, and Awarded New Zealand Cricket Umpire's Certificate.

Volunteering at Auckland Zoo

Simon Speight with Zabulu
Simon Speight with Zabulu

Today Simon still practices the care for animals that began on the farm. Here he is pictured with Zabulu, the dominant bull Rothschild Giraffe who has just munched his way through a 40kg 'snack'. Simon freely gives his time once a fortnight.


Simon Speight: STamp Collecting
I specialise in collecting stamps of Western Samoa.

Couldn't care less. Thats what hobbies are for - you make up your own rules. Stamp Collecting is one such pastime. I specialise in collecting stamps of Western Samoa commencing with their first issue in 1877. The collection details Samoa's history pictorially since that issue German, British and New Zealand until independence in 1964 through to the current day. There is one drawback - collecting of the rarer stamps gets expensive, these 'Arms Series' stamps of 1945 are worth a cool $1200/-.

Podiatry Awards

At Podiatry school I was awarded the 'Jim Philps Meritorious Prize' for effort worthy of Merit. One is awarded to a final year student.

Speight's Podiatry

Simon Speight at work
Working on corporate feet.

Established in 2002. We are located in a handy position in central Auckland, probably close to where you live or work. We treat a lot of Corporate clients, and help care for sore feet or repair skanky feet.

Community Work

Treating HIV positive people who have unique foot problems. This client group is often disadvantaged and caring for them is an enjoyable part of my practice. This arrangement began 15 years ago. I am pictured with Bruce Kilmister – the then CEO of Body Positive.

Simon Speight: with Bruce Kilmister
I am pictured with Bruce Kilmister – Head of Body Positive.

"For over 10 years Simon Speight has been contributing his services to Body Positive for a token fee. Most of our clients are living on a social welfare benefit and were it not for Simon's generosity they could not afford to see a podiatrist at all. Living with HIV has its own peculiarities around podiatry issues and Simon has become a bit of an expert for us. We are grateful for his ongoing support."
- Bruce Kilmister

Volunteer Work - Diabetic Feet

Simon Speight: with the Diabetes Specialist Clinic team
With the Diabetes Specialist Clinic team
Simon Speight: with Tommy Solomon
Here I am a few years ago pictured with the statue of Tommy Solomon the last surviving Moriori at the Chatham Islands

Over the last year I have spent many hours volunteering my services in south Auckland in the diabetes Specialist Clinic. Here is the team I help.

My specialist area is caring for Diabetic feet (refer to high risk feet). On the right here I am a few years ago pictured with the statue of Tommy Solomon the last surviving Moriori at the Chatham Islands. I was treating people with Diabetes in the Chathams at that time.

Tairawhiti DHB Gisbourne

Simon Speight at work
Tairawhiti DHB Gisbourne - Nurses and patients that they treated under my supervision
Simon Speight: with Tommy Solomon
Tairawhiti DHB Gisbourne - Nurses and patients that they treated under my supervision

Simon is Head of the Specialist Diabetes Podiatry Service at Tairawhiti District Health, Gisborne. He brings his expertise from this role combined with his postgraduate studies in the same area to your feet.

Simon's Postgraduate study, with its access to the latest research, allows you to receive this information and to have this knowledge applied to your feet whatever their problem. You may even walk out the door with google 'homework' to read!

Simon instructed at a nurses training day recently. Pictured are the nurses and patients that were treated under his supervision .

Future care – Brighton University

I am specialising in Diabetic foot care. The knowledge base of any podiatrist is simply too narrow to know about everything in relation to foot treatment so I have opted to specialise in this field. With specialisation comes the opportunity for further study.

I have been accepted on a Masters Programme - MSc (with Diabetes) and will be studying part time for the next four years. The biggest fear of any diabetic is the loss of limb or life or both due to diabetic foot disease. Much can be done to help prevent this destructive course.

I am going to learn more and bring this knowledge to you and your families. I will be working full time in my practice between short absences for development leave.


"Simon has been treating me for over 15 years now. It is always a blessing after seeing him - I can walk properly again. From the sort of work and exercise I do, I suffer very badly with corns and callus on my feet. Simon is always very professional - it is a pleasure to come to see him.
Thank you."

The ONLY podiatrist in Auckland City Centre to offer:

  • 15 years of continuous podiatry service in the city
  • General podiatry, sports podiatry & diabetic foot care
  • Innovative non-surgical treatment for many conditions
  • Alternative complementary foot care treatments
  • Full-time receptionist for timely service.

Proud members of:

  • Podiatry New Zealand (Past President 2000-04)
  • Wound Care Society of New Zealand
  • New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes.
"...Simon is very organised, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. I always feel very relaxed at my appointment. I highly recommend Simon as a Podiatrist."
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